Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to keep track of TV shows

It's TV season! Shows are making their way back for fall (still summer here unfortunately) and it looks like it's going to be a pretty entertaining season. So, goodbye productivity.

Being someone who watches one too many shows (there, I said it), it's a challenge to keep track of show schedules and before I know it, spoilers are EVERYWHERE.

So now, I use this website called Sidereel to keep track of my favorite TV shows. They have a little tracker on there to which you can add the shows that you follow and it'll generate a weekly calendar showing you which shows air when. You can also access this info through the Sidereel app (available for iPhone and Android) and you even get badges based on TV habits!

Apart from that, they have general TV updates, show developments, news on shows getting cancelled etc. They also give recommendations for new and upcoming shows that you might like which is a great way to discover new ones and make sure you really get no sleep at all. You're welcome!

My picks for this season


Grey's Anatomy [Drama - Medical]

Oldie but goodie! Now entering into their 11th season, it'll be without Cristina, one of the main characters that exited the show last season. We'll see how they are going to fare without having her on the show. Below is the preview for season 11:

The Mindy Project [Comedy]

The first episode of Season 3 was enough for me to keep watching for the rest of the season and that was because of this man. Enjoy.


Scandal [Drama - Political]

All time favorite - go watch! Below is the promo for Season 4:

The Amazing Race [Reality - Travel]

They've revealed the teams for Season 25 and it looks like stiff competition. Watch it below! Can't wait to see where they are headed this season.


Parks and Recreation [Comedy]

Bummer that they are heading into their final season with just 13 episodes but definitely looking forward to it! My favs on the show are these two:

Flash [Drama - Scifi/Fantasy]

Marvel comic book series that's debuting this fall - the story behind Flash! Really excited to catch the premiere - preview below!

That's it from me! How do you keep track of your shows and what are some of your favorites? Tweet me suggestions @MonaGir or leave a comment below!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 things that need to be in the UAE

With the news that Panda Express is launching in Dubai, it got me thinking about what I'd love to see here in the UAE. Here's my wishlist:

1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

For those who know me personally or even follow me on social media, you all know that Chipotle is the love of my life. Chipotle is a Mexican fast food chain based in the US and with branches in Canada and Europe.

They have something called a 'Burrito Bowl' which is basically paradise. They freshly add ingredients based on your preference - it's like Subway but for Mexican food. I cannot wait till Chipotle makes its way to Dubai. Until then, my semi-Chipotle fix is Taqado who have something similar called the 'Burrito Box'.

2. Netflix

Netflix is an on-demand internet streaming service for movies and TV which is especially perfect for marathon-ing/binge watching TV shows. While I know there are 'special' ways to be able to access Netflix here and that it's available also if you have Apple TV, I wish it would be legally available here.

No commercials, episodes play back to back.. what more is there to life?

3. Food Trucks

I absolutely adore food trucks. There's a great sense of community, you end up trying new things as there are always different ones coming to your area and it's a quick, cheap bite. Especially in Dubai, where one after another upscale restaurant is opening, I think this would be a great change of pace.

I know a few launched here in the UAE but it seemed to be more for parties than just regular life. I would love to see some of them funky looking trucks rolling around here!

4. Staples

Staples is basically stationery Disneyland. And who doesn't love stationery?! The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, smoothness of ink on paper.. ahem. I think I need help.

Dubai is really in need of a top notch stationery store and while I make do spending hours at Modern Stationery sniffing organizers,  I really hope Staples is looking for a giant warehouse right now to open here. Can't wait.

5. Primark

Love a good bargain? Enter Primark! Primark is a value clothing retailer based in Europe and is the place for cheap & cheerful fashion. The stores are chaotic and pretty much survival of the fittest when it comes to hunting down the good stuff.

Come to the UAE, please? I could use a break from all the luxury fashion brands opening here. (#FirstWorldPains)

Let me know what you wish would come to the UAE, we can share notes! Tweet me @MonaGir or leave a comment below!

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Mona xo

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Twitter Comedy - #AppleLive

It was that time of the year when Apple launched something and it was EVERYWHERE. There was just absolutely no escape from this event. Don't get me wrong - I love me some Apple products but I really don't care to know every single detail of this live event through multiple channels.

In any case, instead of partaking in the mania that was the live stream, I took to Twitter to keep track of what was going on and came across some seriously hilarious tweets (see below!)

As for the event, I'm sure you already know this (REPEAT: NO ESCAPE). They launched iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. See more info here:

And of course, HTC came along and did this:

Real talk - I'm not really excited about any of the products announced. What about you? Can't wait to own one of them? Caught some more funny tweets? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @MonaGir!

Mona xo

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Online shopping - UAE edition

Online shopping is slowly but surely making its way into the UAE and I couldn't be happier! I'm basically the laziest person I know and this makes my life infinite times easier (read: don't have to go into another gigantic mall)

Lots of new local online stores deliver for free, usually within a couple of days and that leaves me time to deal with other pressing matters such as who's dead on Game of Thrones today.

While there are many international websites that deliver to the UAE, it's quite tricky because of the postal services here (unless you Shop and Ship) and also it takes quite a while to get to you.

So, without further ado, for those lazy and impatient people (this is a safe place), here are some great local UAE online shopping websites that I stalk on a regular basis:

Clothing and Accessories

Sivvi: Features bold, vibrant collections from brands such as Sam & Lavi, House of Hackney and many more. A personal favourite!

Namshi: Pocket-friendly. They also have a plus-size range (albeit not that great) and a separate sports shop.

Fashlink: They carry many local designers - definite +1 for that - and global luxury brands.

Landmarkshops: Huge collection across Babyshop, Splash and Emax brands.

Boutique 1: Already quite a popular store for lifestyle and luxury fashion, also online!

West LA: Sunny LA fashion right here in Dubai now online - very shabby chic.

Monroe and Me: Super quirky online boutique for women.

Redbananas: Very cool Korean and Japanese fashion pieces for men and women. They even do same day delivery!

Shemovesonline: Interesting collections of dance and active wear for women. They have a plus size range as well!

Michelle Belau: Wonderful Peruvian women's fashion label, great modern sophisticated fashion.


TavolaGreat range for bakeware, tableware and homeware.

Greenheart UAE: Organic fresh produce delivered to your doorstop. What more do you need?

Secret Fine Foods: My favourite gourmet grocer - great meat, fish and dairy products!

Organic Foods and Cafe: For all your organic needs - this is it!

Earlybird: For your everyday groceries and household items. I know there are lot of neighborhood grocery stores that deliver if you order over the phone but here you can order items that you would possibly get at a hypermarket like Spinneys.

Trolley: Another option for your online supermarket.

Electronics & Office Supplies

JadoPado: Very reliable online store for electronics with super awesome service. Best part for me - they have an option for JadoPado Shield warranty for products which even covers water damage!

Quickoffice: Great option for all your office supplies. Next day delivery.

For Moms & Kids  

Mumzworld: For mother, baby and child! You're welcome.

Dbbabies: Baby boutique store. They offer same day delivery as well.

Blush and Bloom: Maternity boutique, lots of goodies for to-be moms.

For Pets

Dubaipetfood: Everything you could possibly need for your pet - find it here!

ABVC Pet Shop: Another option for your pet needs - they have great discounts! 

Fun Stuff 

Wamli: Your one-stop shop for all things quirky - definitely one of my favourites!

Modvito: You'll find fancy grooming tools for men and some seriously cool gadgets. (and more)

Little Majlis: Online boutique marketplace to find handmade and artisan products across categories from artists in the GCC. So many adorable items in here!

Ideyna: Another marketplace for handmade products and they also do real cute DIY posts on their blog (Imma sucker for DIYs)

YouGotaGift: As if gift cards weren't lazy enough presents, now you can buy them online! Though I'm not a huge fan of giving gift cards, this site has great choices for gift cards from places such as Virgin Megastore, SensAsia spa, Chilis etc.

Desertcart: They stock things that you usually find in the US, really good if you want those specific cosmetic products that are only available elsewhere in the world.

Ikea: You can shop online for IKEA in the UAE! They have a minimum for free delivery but you can also order lesser and pay a delivery charge. Great way to shop for the smaller things without having to make the trip!

Mixed Bag

Souq: They have a wide variety of items you can usually never get anywhere else but you need to be quite cautious as they are all independent sellers. Customer service is so-so.

Tejuri: Electronics, fashion, health and beauty products and more under one website. Great customer service.

Aido: Another website for electronics, fashion, health and beauty products and more under one website.

Dobazaar: My first stop for books - always discounted and great customer service. They also sell perfumes and have a sports shop as well.

Alshop: And yet another one for electronics, fashion, health and beauty products and more under one website.

Hope this helps, let me know if there's any awesome ones I missed! Also, would love any feedback on my little newbie blog.

Mona xo

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New blogger on the block

Hi there! I'm Mona and welcome to my blog.

I'm a 20 something Indian, living in Dubai. I work in Film/TV production and in my spare time, I like to vegetate, annoy my dog and explore anything new/old/exciting/shiny happening around me.

This blog is about all things Dubai, interesting (and sometimes not) people, places, things, events and whatever else finds me along the way.

This has been a work-in-progress for so long and it's really great to see that I made out the other end (after much cribbing and procrastination, cc: sister, parents, friends, stranger on the road, anybody really)

If you liked what you read and are curious, come back (do it) and see what really happens here.

Meanwhile, comment below, say hi, tell me about you!
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