Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to keep track of TV shows

It's TV season! Shows are making their way back for fall (still summer here unfortunately) and it looks like it's going to be a pretty entertaining season. So, goodbye productivity.

Being someone who watches one too many shows (there, I said it), it's a challenge to keep track of show schedules and before I know it, spoilers are EVERYWHERE.

So now, I use this website called Sidereel to keep track of my favorite TV shows. They have a little tracker on there to which you can add the shows that you follow and it'll generate a weekly calendar showing you which shows air when. You can also access this info through the Sidereel app (available for iPhone and Android) and you even get badges based on TV habits!

Apart from that, they have general TV updates, show developments, news on shows getting cancelled etc. They also give recommendations for new and upcoming shows that you might like which is a great way to discover new ones and make sure you really get no sleep at all. You're welcome!

My picks for this season


Grey's Anatomy [Drama - Medical]

Oldie but goodie! Now entering into their 11th season, it'll be without Cristina, one of the main characters that exited the show last season. We'll see how they are going to fare without having her on the show. Below is the preview for season 11:

The Mindy Project [Comedy]

The first episode of Season 3 was enough for me to keep watching for the rest of the season and that was because of this man. Enjoy.


Scandal [Drama - Political]

All time favorite - go watch! Below is the promo for Season 4:

The Amazing Race [Reality - Travel]

They've revealed the teams for Season 25 and it looks like stiff competition. Watch it below! Can't wait to see where they are headed this season.


Parks and Recreation [Comedy]

Bummer that they are heading into their final season with just 13 episodes but definitely looking forward to it! My favs on the show are these two:

Flash [Drama - Scifi/Fantasy]

Marvel comic book series that's debuting this fall - the story behind Flash! Really excited to catch the premiere - preview below!

That's it from me! How do you keep track of your shows and what are some of your favorites? Tweet me suggestions @MonaGir or leave a comment below!

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  1. Whaaaat about Masterchef!! I'm so addicted to it!! *sigh*
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