Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You know it's winter in the UAE when..

I feel that winter here in the UAE is basically what is spring season around the world. Beautiful cool breeze, blooming flowers, gorgeous warm sunshine.. it's truly a magical time. I can't help but smile even on a crappy day when I am outdoors these days. (I'm losing my edge)

Here's my take on when you know it's winter in the Emirates:

1. You experience the eagerly awaited sandstorm 

2. Weather reads below 35C. (Brace yourself for car dashboard/phone app temperature readings on Instagram)

3. Global Village is open for business! 

4. You see some seriously pimped out cars adorned in UAE paraphernalia. Yep, it's time for National Day alright! 


5. You see beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky.

6. You manage to have all your makeup (and face) on from point A to point B. 

7. You need to plan ahead to get space at a park/beach or for that matter, even make plans to go to a park/beach.

8. Your cold water tap is actually giving you cold water (and it doesn't matter)

9. Your steering wheel doesn't burn your hands.

10. Your shades/glasses don't fog up when you get out of a car/building. And you don't look like this. 

When do you know it's winter in the UAE? What's your favorite winter activity?
Leave a comment below or tweet me @MonaGir!

Mona xx 


  1. You know its winter when you start seeing runners wearing running jackets...

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