Sunday, June 7, 2015

Staycation: Anantara the Palm

Who doesn't love a little break? I know what you're thinking - I was just in Turkey. BUT I feel like when you travel to a new place, you're constantly on the move trying to cover everything possible, planning everything to the T with a serious FOMO cloud over your head. Is this just me?

This is exactly why a staycation is my number one way to just RELAX followed very closely by a spa day. My most recent need to unwind led me to Anantara The Palm Resort and Spa for a weekend escape. Now, fair warning, this post is going to have way too many adjectives because this place was so god damn wonderful.

I jumpstarted my staycay by switching up my regular ride - I was packed off on a little tuk-tuk to check out the resort and man, just the tour had me straight into my holiday mode (I mean staycation mode). They have a whole bunch of things to do and places to eat which I'll get into in a bit - stay with me.

Once we entered the lane which led to my room, it really felt like I was transported to some part of Thailand (in my head, this is what Thailand looks like).

The cheese on my french fries was this gorgeous room! I had the premier room which had direct access to the simply divine lagoon that I spent so many (MANY) hours floating in. I was there around mid April and the weather just made this experience even more heavenly than it already was.

So after I managed to drag myself out of the lagoon, I went around exploring the resort. If you're the active kind at resorts, they have a gym, tennis courts, a watersports hut and even a kids club. While I didn't try out any of the activities (saying that I was lazing is an understatement), it's safe to say you're sorted if you feeling adventurous. More up my alley was the Anantara Spa but sadly they were closed for renovations at the time. They also have the resort staple - a lovely infinity pool along with a private beach.

And last but not the least, no staycay is complete without some good food - lazing can really bring out your appetite (teehee). I demolished the lovely breakfast at Crescendo but otherwise, sticking to my staycay theme, I thoroughly enjoyed some delish room service.

But if you feel like venturing out of your room and into the wilderness that is the resort, you're spoilt for choice between their Asian restaurant Mekong, Ozzie steakhouse Bushman's Restaurant and Bar (they even serve Kangaroo meat) and their Mediterranean option The Beach House

So if you're looking for your next mini getaway, I cannot recommend Anantara the Palm enough. I know I definitely did not want to leave and I absolutely can't wait to go back there.

This post is giving me serious staycation blues - any recommendations for my next one? Tweet me @MonaGir and leave a comment below :)

Mona xo


  1. Stunning! I don't say this to many people but absolutely love your writing style. I'm hooked and will be checking back for more. Whats next on the vacation itinerary? Have been totally curious to check out Rixos on the Palm. Would love to review it with a fellow blogger.

  2. @Vikitas Thank you so so much for your lovely words! You've made my day. I've been eye-ing Rixos as well but thinking it might be getting too warm right now to even head to the pool or beach!

  3. Oh man! Ramadan is around the corner, so iftar review time! Maybe Rixos has a themed buffet planned out for the month.

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