Sunday, July 31, 2016

Get to know me: 20 questions

I've been blogging for close to two years now and am surprised I haven't done one of these yet.

I've got a lot of new people come on here recently (welcome!) and so, this seemed like a perfect time to do a little 'get to know me' post with eclectic questions from the treasure trove that is the internet. Let's go!

What is..

Your biggest pet peeve? 
Rude people drive me up the wall.
- Animal - Dogs
- Color - Yellow
- Holiday - Christmas
- Ice cream flavour - Oreo
The latest photo taken on your phone? 
A blurry one, very representative of my general album I have to say.

What would you do if, at this current moment, your mirror self comes out from a mirror? 
I would probably pass out - don't see myself surviving this terrifying moment.
What was the last concert you were at? 
Adele and she was magical!

Would you rather

Holiday at the mountains or the beach? 
Beach bum all the way.

Sit at a window seat or aisle seat?
Window, so that I have something to sleep on. (most window people consider this reason a blasphemy)

Read on an e-book reader or a real book?
I would much rather read a real book but the reality is I read on an e-book reader. I find it easier to carry around and end up reading more. 10 of 52 books done btw, if any one is keeping track of my resolutions from this year - going horribly so far.

Be in a crowd or a small group?
Weirdly, both.

Be in sunshine or gloomy weather?
I <3 gloomy weather but it has to be chilly as well. Gloomy days in the summer are the worst!

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Do you..

Take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from a hotel room? 
Hell yes, I take everything that I'm possibly allowed to take out a hotel room, especially the slippers!
Like to use Post-It notes? 
I love to but I can almost NEVER find one when I need it! Is this just me?

Sleep with your doors open or closed? 
Closed, the other option just gave me the shudders.

Have any pets?
Yes, a handsome little old man dog.

A photo posted by Mona | the monalogues (@monagir) on

Believe honesty is the best policy? 
Not always.

Can you..

Curl your tongue?
Nope, I try every single time someone asks me this question.
Play an instrument?
Change a car tire?
Nope - would love to learn! Is there a life skills class I can take?
Yes, glad my parents powered through my tantrums and made me learn.
Totally. If the below picture is not proof enough of my artistry, I don't know what is.

And there, you know a little bit more about me now - follow me over on Instagram and Snapchat for more sneak peeks into what I do on the daily!

Mona xo

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