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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Treat Yo Self - Budget Edition

This blog post is inspired by certain purchases I dwell on for, what feels like, years and years for absolutely no good reason.

You know those items that you don't really need but want? Let's say this is the budget version of that list. These items that are definitely NOT ones that you need to splurge and live in guilt for but more like really - do I really need these?

I rarely put in this much thought when you don't have to shell out as much but somehow, I've built up quite the list of what I like to call 'budget luxuries' - it's like when you have a Coke with ice and lemon or when you get a new screen guard, when you buy an app even - you get the gist.

Here's some that I finally went ahead and 'treated' myself to:

1. Pillow mist

I can hear the eye rolls going around on this one but trust me, it's deliciously wonderful. You spray this baby on after you lay out fresh sheets and BAM, relaxation central. I got this one from Bath and Body Works and I believe they have a range of scents for this - so go treat yo self.

2. Shower speaker

I listen to music during most activities - working, doing chores, in the car etc. Like most people, I usually use my iPhone for all of these which works okay but it was just not cutting it for my shower karaoke sessions. (yes, major first world problems)

After extended contemplation, I got myself a banging speaker off of Dubizzle for an extravagant AED 30 and I freaking love it - jamming out in my shower, all day err day now.

3. Popsocket

Do I really need this? Phone grips, I feel, fit right into this category. So, I spent many browsing minutes over Popsockets for a while before I bought it along with the PopClip which looked promising as a stand for the car.

And it is so freaking convenient. It makes for such a comfortable experience holding your phone and it doubles as a stand as well so +1. With the PopClip, it's perfect for the car because I always end up dropping my phone in all the possible crevasses and now it has its neat little spot.

Totally recommend, go treat yo self.

4. Magnetic weekly planner

As much as I want to be the person using all those cute planners you see everywhere for my schedule/to-dos (also, do I really need those?), I never end up using them. And the same goes for using my phone for this - just can't seem to get into the habit of it.

And so, it usually ends up on random post it notes, notebooks, magazines.. pretty much anything I can write on till it's lost/forgotten forever. When I found this little guy in Typo (this place is filled with budget luxuries, it's dangerous), I reminded myself that I MUST start using my planner/phone again for these things and then, shocker, I never did. On my millionth visit to Typo, I finally decided to 'treat ma self'.

It's magnetic so I put this onto a tiny whiteboard I already owned and hung it above my desk and now, I'm wonderfully organised - I can see my immediate schedule for the week as well as other little to-dos all together on this planner.

It worked out surprisingly well with these products but as you can imagine, this is almost never the case with my budget luxuries. There's tons more where that came from - mugs, novelty USB sticks.. anything novelty for that matter!

Comment below with one of your recent budget luxury purchases, would love to see what you've indulged in.

Mona xo
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